No matter what your objective, video is the most powerful medium to get your story out there and realise your goal. Whether you are just getting started with video or require ongoing digital content, our experienced team work with clients across various industries to provide quality, cost-effective video solutions.


Businesses and organisations are increasingly turning to video to share their stories. Company profile videos are a great way to explain what it is that you do and instantly connect with your target market in an engaging manner. Having a video on your website significantly boosts Google rankings, and is a powerful means of showcasing your strengths and increasing customer trust and engagement.

Product Reviews

Video is an ideal platform for showcasing or reviewing a new product or service in a way that instantly engages viewers and encourages them to visit your website or online store.

Customer Testimonials

Glowing reviews from happy clients are one of the most powerful ways of marketing your business, and video is the best means of sharing these reviews. Let potential clients see and hear real people describing their positive experiences with your organisation or product and watch your client base soar.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media has become the preferred paid advertising platform for marketers and businesses globally. Our team can produce content that motivates your audience to take action. Sell, promote, and connect in a way that maximises your return on investment and boosts your social following. Having worked with clients large and small across industrial, corporate, and creative industries, we know how to make brand stand out.

TV commercials

Wild Vista can make the most of your air time with TV commercials that grab attention and trigger action. Our team take care of the entire process, ensuring your commercial maximises your reach and is correctly produced to broadcast standards.


Aerial vision adds a huge amount of value to any production. Our CASA-certified UAV pilots are supported by a designated camera operator to ensure our pilots can focus on safe operation while our camera operator captures exceptional digital content. We carry all the industry-specific insurances and compliance, and can film from fixed-wing aircrafts and helicopters.

Community & Not-foR-profit

Wild Vista has worked with a number of community, social enterprise, and not-for-profit groups across Western Australia and beyond. Our team is passionate about driving social change through the production of powerful, creative, and effective video content that hits the mark. Many of our videos have enabled groups to secure major ongoing grant funding and raise significant capital for social ventures.

Training, Safety & Education Videos

Whether it's the mining industry, the corporate world, or land conservation, organisations across the board are overhauling the way they induct, train, and educate their staff, opting for video as a cost-effective and engaging means of communication. Wild Vista can produce training, safety, and education content for your company, providing a full service which includes creative direction, script writing, filming, photography, animation, and more.

Our Process

From the initial concept to planning, scriptwriting, filming, editing, and distribution, Wild Vista takes care of every stage of production. We leave nothing to chance, carefully organising each aspect of your story and ensuring that all areas of production are executed with attention to detail, so your videos get the best results.


Planning Meeting → Creative Direction Approval → Storyboard/Scripting Approval → Talent/Wardrobe Briefing → Location/Props Assessment → Aerial Filming Approval → Equipment Schedule → Travel/Accommodation Schedule → Catering Schedule → Filming Agenda.


Equipment Preparation/Testing → Battery Charging/Testing → Location Risk Assessment → Crew/Talent Briefing→ Location Set Up → Filming → Data Management/Back Up → Pre-Edit/Data Review → Equipment Pack Up → Location Debrief/Departure.


Post-Production Schedule → Narrative Approval → Third Party Materials Approval → Draft Presentation → Amendments Approval → Final Presentation.


Compliance Schedule → Release Documentation Review → Third-Party Material Licensing → Quality Control Check → Final Approval → High Resolution Export.


Additional Content Schedule → Handover → Delivery to TV Station(s) → Video Project Files Archiving → Archive Back Up.