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The Brief

Think accountants are a bunch of number-crunching bean counters who spend Saturday nights playing calculator bingo? The team at OURCFO will puncture this illusion faster than you can say ‘tax return’.

Numbers are hard. And sometimes scary. OURCFO gets that. But knowing your numbers is vital to having a realistic understanding of your business and being able to plan strategically for the future. Enter OURCFO.

OURCFO helps people understand their numbers today to ready their businesses for tomorrow. And the benefits are remarkable. Case in point: Mass. Providing specialist workforce services to the resources, energy, and construction industries, Mass was a rapidly-expanding business bursting with potential, but struggling with a lack of clarity surrounding their numbers and a clear path as to how to move forward. Capes streaming in the wind generated by their e-bikes, OURCFO swooped in to help. The results speak for themselves – and how better to share these than via a Customer Testimonial Video?

Wanting to showcase Mass’s journey, OURCFO employed Wild Vista to produce an engaging video to document how great an effect knowing your numbers can have. The aim was to capture an authentic, behind-the-scenes view of what it’s like to work with OURCFO.

The Result

Testimonials are the most powerful form of content marketing, and in video form they pack an even greater punch. After all, it’s not just what your clients say that’s important, but how they say it.

Wild Vista took the time to get to know Mass’s story, and understand the effect OURCFO had on their business. We got deep, hearing first-hand from the Founder about the stress of being a fast-growing business without a clear framework, and the fear of not knowing what lay ahead. OURCFO helped to remove these layers of pressure, allowing Mass to make strategic decisions about how to move forward, which included employing a CEO, who shared how she was able to hit the ground running thanks to having a clear financial strategy in place.  

Through extensive research, rigorous planning, and careful relationship-building, Wild Vista were able to elicit authentic, emotional responses from the team at Mass, and capture the real-life benefits of being a client of OURCFO. The outcome is a video which serves as a powerful marketing tool for OURCFO, ideal for strengthening brand integrity and growing credibility among potential clients. It also provides a great insight into the importance of working with people you trust – something we at Wild Vista take very seriously.

Greg Smargiassi ourcfo
I highly recommend Wild Vista as a production company. To me, they are more than that in that they understand the strategic element to marketing. Their professionalism, responsiveness, dedication, transparency & accountability during the planning and production phases gave me the confidence that the end result would be great value for money. And value I certainly got. The outcome is an excellent production that I feel fits with our market positioning and clearly conveys our strategic messaging.”
Greg Smargiassi
Founder & CEO