City of Greater Geraldton Tourism

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The Brief

Wild Vista has been the video contractor of choice for the City of Greater Geraldton since 2014. In 2017, the City of Greater Geraldton in partnership with the Geraldton Visitors Center, the Mid West Development Commission, and an independent progress committee engaged Wild Vista to showcase Geraldton as an up-and-coming tourism destination. The campaign comprised two commercials of 15 and 30 seconds respectively. 

After meeting with the clients, Wild Vista was able to distil the core aim of the project, which was to target specifically couples in their thirties with disposable incomes who would be interested in brief jaunts to Geraldton. With the clients' key goals in mind, we brainstormed creative concepts that would speak to their target audience and achieve their objectives. We pitched the story of a young man surprising his partner with a weekend getaway; one commercial would tell the story from his point of view, and the other from his partner’s. The idea met with great success, and the campaign as a whole received wide praise after its broadcast on TV and social media.

The Result

The originality of the concept, meticulous planning of every aspect of the filming process, and high quality of the production itself resulted in an end product of which the client was incredibly proud, and which achieved their desired goals. The City of Greater Geraldton and industry-specific third parties continue to make use of the videos to attract funding and support for the Mid West tourism industry.

Wild Vista’s professionalism is faultless, their creativity is outstanding, and their eye for detail is impeccable
Wild Vista’s professionalism is faultless, their creativity is outstanding, their eye for detail is impeccable, and their filming technique is beautiful. Wild Vista is a dynamic team with vision and forethought, who have been sensational to work with, meeting the needs of our campaigns over the years.
Rebecca Tuesley
Coordinator Tourism & Visitor Centre