Bush Heritage Australia

photo of imac and a video player within
The Brief

Wild Vista have worked with Bush Heritage on multiple large-scale, capital-raising projects since 2014, including the discovery of the Night Parrot in Queensland, and the acquisition of Hamelin Station in Western Australia. Our work with Bush Heritage sees the Wild Vista team weave compelling stories using stunning imagery and insightful interviews with pastoralists, scientists, CEOs, and Indigenous elders, among others. 

The Result

Video produced by Wild Vista has played an integral role in Bush Heritage Australia’s marketing and capital-raising ventures over the past few years. The organisation continue to document and promote the important work they do using the video production of Wild Vista.

Man looking out over desert
Working with Wild Vista adds personality and value. When working in remote, complex, and inspiring environments, having a production company that understands and enjoys these spaces is unique. We are fortunate to have such a professional company servicing regional WA. Bush Heritage Australia have worked with Wild Vista for many years now, and they have always delivered video and photography that captures the essence of our work and connects powerfully with a broad audience. We are proud of the work Wild Vista does for us; they always shed a new light on the landscapes and people we work with.
Luke Bailey
Executive Manager (West)